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All religions teach us to make this world a better place. Still, religions often are an excuse for conflicts. To build a consensus of co-existence and mutual understanding among the various religious communities is a crucial task. Only by returning to the original nature of religion, cultivating spirituality, and moving beyond differences can each of us cooperate to make the world more compassionate, loving, and peaceful.

In light of the events starting with the destruction of the Buddha statue in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11 and the ensuing US led war on terrorism, interreligious dialogue and cooperation between faith communities has become as imperative and urgent for world peace as ever before. Interfaith work that embraces both the grass-roots level and the religious leadership level of communities offers solutions to problems where political and diplomatic approaches have failed.

Religious and cultural diversity is often exploited by political agendas as tool for conflict and war, rather than used as an opportunity for mutual enrichment, understanding and respect. In the present age, characterized by the challenges of globalization, militarization, poverty, social injustice, oppression, and environmental degradation, peace education is crucial to reverse the trend towards mutual destruction. Interfaith and peace education needs to be put into the curriculum of every school at every level, and into the religious education program of every temple, church and mosque world-wide.

With this ultimate goal in mind, Global Family for Love and Peace has initiated and sponsored a series of dialogues in different parts of the world. The Dialogues` goals are to create a partnership between religious communities in order to face the numerous challenges of the 21st century on a peaceful basis of cooperation and friendship. Our dedication to this process is part of Global Family's commitment to the International Decade for a Culture of Peace (2001-2010).


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1st Buddhist-Muslim Youth Dialogue