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On the 3rd of Sept. at 4:00 pm the members of the Inter-Religious Council of Mozambique held their meeting where prayers for Peace were recited and discussion on the possible introduction of the week's theme on interfaith dialogue was presented. The various religions leaders represented at the meeting agreed to include during their habitual gatherings to talk and pray for peace.

On 5th September, Friday, the small Jewish community included in their weekly ceremony prayers, readings and message on Peace which was held at the Sinagoge in Maputo.

On 6th. Sept. from 9:00am to 12:30pm. The Blood Doners Association of Mozambique in colaboration with the Ministry of Health organised a 6kms march on the main avenue of Maputo where about a thousand students from various secondary instutions, members of the association, the General Hospital staff, religious leaders and civil public participated. At the end of the March the gathering heard messages of encouragement, civil responsibility and human values given by the Representative of WHO, the Minister of Health and the President of the Association. The Inter-Religious Council representatives recited a prayer for Peace and the message included words of human spiritual values, our responsibility in creating a non-violent culture for Peace and building a better world.

At the Hindu Temple during their evening spiritual session, prayers and readings from the scriptures were chanted for a peaceful society.

On 7th. Sept.Sunday, the morning dawn prayer session at the Bahá'i Centre included prayers and meditation, discussion and readings from the Holy scriptures and singing songs for Peace.

Prepared by Sabapathy Alagiah

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