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As part of the Week of Global Interfaith Dialogue the Art of Living Foundation sponsored and hosted an interfaith dialogue in Johannesberg, South Africa on the 6th of September 2003

The event was attended by just over a hundred people from various diverse backgrounds. The purpose was to bring people from different faiths together to share Wisdom and to realise the Oneness of Divinity.

The event opened with heart rendering Prayers from the different faith groups with an energising rendition from the Youth of the Kara Heritage Institute. The introduction into the Art of Living Foundation South Africa was done through the viewing of the video "A Smile from the Heart".

After that the panel members were introduced to take their places at the panel. The panel consisted of:

Tshepo Baughn – Ba’hai
Mukesh Bhavan – Hinduism
Omar Deedat – Islam
Dr Mathole Motshekga – African Heritage
Rev. Joseph Tshawane – Christianity
Sir Peter Just – Buddhism

Well wishes were received from the Jewish faith who was not represented due to an International and National Conference that was taking place over the entire weekend.

The panel was guided through the skillful lead of the Moderator – Shirish Soni and the dialogue that unfolded was in the true spirit of UBUNTU.

The event closed with the minds open and hearts united with a beautiful prayer about ‘It’s all you’, once again bringing diversity to the point of unity. Thereafter everyone sat around the laid tables to enjoy tea-time treats and uplifting chit chat with each other.

Prepared by Kirtida Bhana.

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